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Introduction to the Parables of Jesus

I. Parables can change our perspective, can give us a larger viewpoint. Do you remember Archie Campbell on Hee Haw - that's bad, no that's good skit: "My great uncle died - oh that's bad No, that's good, he left me $50,000 - oh that's good No, that's bad, the IRS left me with only $25,000 - oh that's bad I bought an airplane - oh that's good Oh, but I fell out of it - oh that's bad No, I was falling towards a haystack - oh that's good No, it had a pitchfork - oh that's bad No, I missed it - oh good. I was reminded of this when I started thinking about Jesus' parables. We need to open our minds to a new way of thinking. Like new wineskins for new wine. We might even move from good vs. bad thinking to "maybe" thinking. Another story: There is a story of an old farmer who had worked his crops for many years. One day his horse ran away. Upon hearing the news, his ne

Pondering Parables in Pandemic

Parables are Jesus's way to get across meaning to people who have no frame of reference. Jesus' challenge was like trying to depict color to those with no sight. Parables are a new game with new rules. Parables are for our time of pandemic. "Hang on it will be a bumpy ride." Kathleen's perspective will be relational, contemplative, looking with new eyes. Curt's perspective will be scholarly—how do these stories work? Some parables are confusing. Why? Some have explanations. Why? Class starts Sunday October 11. Teasers available on our blog, and on preceding Sundays. All class materials will be on the blog where we can be in conversation. A little behind-the-scenes Curt, Kathleen, and Daniel had a Zoom meeting this morning to discuss the next module of our Christian Education. Here's what came out of all that: Meeting in the park is great, and we really want to keep people safe from the Covid virus, but sooner or later we've got to get indoors. The V